The word ANAX™ means 'King' derived from Greek Mythology. Then transpired our logo: a crowned lion, which symbolizes Royalty, Strength, Courage, and Valor. ANAX™ is a lifestyle brand dedicated to engineering high quality, premium menswear. Achieved by handpicking the finest grade fabrics to ensure our collections deliver the highest standard. #BecomeTheElite 


Beginning ambitiously, ANAX™ quickly made its mark in the Canadian retail sector through a partnership with Hudson's Bay. Launching with four stores in October 2021, the brand experienced rapid growth, expanding to a national presence with six additional stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec within three months. Additionally, ANAX has successfully broadened its online market, now shipping 75% of its online orders to the United States.


When your life is a series of epic adventures, your wardrobe becomes a badge of your triumphs and memorable moments, reflecting the vibrancy of a life lived to the fullest. Our clothing, made from the finest fabrics, offers not only luxury but the strength to withstand the rigors of any challenge.