The elite lifestyle brand

The term ANAX™ is a title translated as “King”.

Then transpired our logo: A Lion head with a Crown.

ANAX™ is a lifestyle fashion brand dedicated to engineering high quality, premium menswear.

Achieved by handpicking the finest grade fabrics to ensure our collections deliver the highest standard.


Hudsons Bay Launch

ANAX™ got off the ground running getting into Canadian Retail Giant Hudson's Bay. In October of 2021 the brand landed 4 retail stores to start and in just 3 short months, went national adding an additional 6 more stores located in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Since then ANAX has rapidly expanded an online presence now with 80% of online orders being shipped directly to the U.S.


To continue to provide high quality, long lasting and affordable garments that move with you while living your epic lifestyle. In order to achieve this and maintain a strong market presence, we constantly are involved in R&D and keeping up with trends. Knowing what people want, when they want it are key factors that dictate our design process, and ultimately allow us to deliver our collections to you.

A Look behind the scenes